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    We want to encourage all community members to link their Discord account with our forums as this allows for the automatic assigning of forum and Discord access permissions!

    For example, let's say you were just hired on to the police department. As soon as your forum permissions are assigned by staff, you would automatically be granted the proper access in Discord! This speeds up getting you setup and allows you to police your little heart out ;) This also allows your identify to be confirmed between the two systems! People won't have to wonder if you truly are "WonderCop0069"!

    It's really simple to link your account, below covers everything:

    Step One: Follow this link ->


    Step Two: Click on the blue "Associate with Discord" button! This will take you to Discord's site where you will have to authenticate your Discord account and confirm you are authorizing this link. (note, you are logging in to Discord via the Discord website. You should never provide your Discord account info to anything outside of this.)


    Step Three: Once you click "Authorize", it will then send you back our way where you will have to authenticate your forum account with your forum password. Once you do this, your accounts will be linked!


    UNLINKING ACCOUNTS: If for whatever reason you no longer wish to have your accounts linked, you can navigate to the below URL and check the "Disassociate Discord Account" box and then click "Confirm Disassociation".


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